Potato / Arbi roast

This is everyone’s favorite… Aloo / Arbi roast… Especially for my sister and dad of course who just never get tired of it.


  1. Medium potatoes (4 – 5)
    1. Peel it, cut it into medium sized cubes, boil it in water with salt enuf for it to cook and haldi. This should be 3/4 ths of the way cooked. It should not be mushy.
  2. All these dry spices are to your taste:
    1. Salt – 1 tsp
    2. Chilli Powder – 1 tsp
    3. Haldi – 1 tsp
    4. Rice powder – 1.5 tbsp
    5. Curry powder – 1 tbsp (don’t ask me what goes into this as this is my grandma’s secret powder)
  3. Oil (in the pic I am showing 1/2 cup as I was making 3 batches worth) good to coat each piece.
  4. Ziplock bag
  5. Cookie sheet
  6. Aluminum foil

For tadka

  1. Oil
  2. Mustard
  3. Hing
  4. Curry leaves ( finely chopped)


  1. Make sure that the boiled potato pieces are dry. You can dry them on a towel (like the way I did) or on a paper towel. This is a critical
  2. In a ziplock bag mix all the dry ingredients.
  3. Add the aloo pieces into the bag
  4. Mix the pieces very well
  5. Add the oil and mix it well again
  6. Start preheating the oven to 350° Fahrenheit for 10 mins.
  7. Bring out a cookie sheet and line it with foil
  8. Spread the potatoes evenly on the sheet and ensure that there is enough space for each piece to be cooked. Don’t over crowd
  9. Once the oven is ready, pop it into the oven for 15 mins; increase the temp to 450 for another 5 mins; broil for 5 – 10 mins
  10. For tadka:
    1. In a small cup / sauce pan, heat 1 tbsp oil.
    2. Once the oil is hot enough, add the mustard seeds and 1 pinch of hing ( you can add this to the ziplock bag as well)
    3. Once it starts to sputter, take it off the flame and add the chopped curry leaves and pour it over the broiled potatoes.

Your dish is ready to serve. It the same process for arbi as well.

Here is a slide show for this:

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